Word of the Week

yoi: /yoi/ exclamation. 1. one word expression that is used when something really awesome or something incredible happens.

Example: *someone makes a basket* “YOI!

Side note: I still haven’t adopted this into my everyday expressions

Student A: "Duck, duck..."

Student B: "MONGOOSE"

Word of the Week

trash: /tra•sh/ verb. 1. to throw something in the garbage

Example: I trash this?

Side note: This was one of the first things to become a part of my daily vocabulary because, to me, trash had been a noun or only used as a verb to destroy property.

A: “I wanna be down on earth so I can go to Russia.” Me: "Why do you want to go to Russia?" A: "So I can be Chinese! ...Japanese!" B: "They have talking bears." Me: "Where?" Multiple People: "In Russia."
"I can even see the steam while its invisible!"
Student: "Can I wear my claws now?"