Word of the Week

polish: /pŏ•lĭsh/ noun. 1. color used to coat nails. See also: nail polish

Example: You put polish?


Side note: It has taken me a while to figure out when people are asking me if I’ve painted my nails.


Introduces the Solar System to students. Puts up picture of planets in order from the Sun. Only read the first three planets aloud to the students.
Student A: "Uranus!" Hoard of Students: *snickers* Uranus! *laughter* Uranus! Teacher: Could you explain why that is so funny? Students: *dead silence* Teacher: Okay, then we're done laughing at names of things.
Class heads into hallway and Teacher debates stopping students to have them explain why "Uranus" is funny to a coworker. Teacher can't keep a straight face just thinking about bringing it up to another adult. Lets moment pass.