When life gives you lemons, make Maracujade!*

*sometimes those lemons are limes


Sparkling water is very common in Brazil. Often if you order water at a restaurant (which only comes in a bottle) they will ask you “com gás ou sem?” literally translating to “with gas or not?”.

Neither S. nor I are fans of sparkling water, yet one day we were making homemade pizzas at a friend’s house and she asked us if we wanted lemonade.

Sidenote: Lemons and Limes are both called “limões”

The limões seem like a combination of the two.

Our friend B. brought out the fresh squeezed lemonade, except something was unusal. It was sparkling…and delicious.

We started trying to remake it at home! S., being the creative wonder she is and avid lover of maracujá, (passion fruit, commonly consumed in Brazil in many forms) decided to add the sugary powerded packet to the sparkling lemonade…and maracujade was born!

Sidenote: Don’t order this at a restaurant. It does not exist.

You can ask for a Lemonade mixed with Maracujá.

They will look at you funny either way.



  • 6 limes
  • 1 packet of Maracujá  (passion fruit) juice powder
    • Our preferred brand: Tang
  • 1 L of Sparkling Water
    • Our preferred brand: Schin
  • Ice cubes

Kitchen Needs:

  • A Pitcher
  • A long stirring spoon
  • Cups



Step One: Squeeze Limes

Wash your hands when you are done and stay out of the sun! Depending on the type of lime/lemon, the acid may burn you when exposed to sunlight!




Cut the limes in half and squeeze their juice into a bowl.



Step Two: Mix Ingredients



Add the packet of Maracujá Juice Powder into the bowl and stir it all together.

Pour the lime and passion fruit mixture into the pitcher.

Add the Sparkling water over it.



Step Three: Stir

Add ice cubes and stir!

  • Be careful when stirring (the sparkling water may rise and foam).


Step Four: Enjoy!