I Cut My Hair with Some Rusty Kitchen Scissors

Forgive me haircare aficionados, it has been six months since my last haircut.


I miss my Brazilian routine of a corte, hidratação, e escova (cut, hydration treatment, and a blowout — not necessarily in that order). Every time S. or I would start to notice split ends or feel like our hair needed some freshening, we’d walk to the salon by our house and #treatourselves.


Treating myself hasn’t been an option lately, in terms of having someone else take care of my hair.


Now as dead split ends and dry hair take over my life, I eagerly wait for my return to a place where I can pay someone to clean it up for me.


That’s not to say that I haven’t tried to clean it up a bit myself.


A friend mailed me a care package that involved a hair hydration mask. THANK YOU, EP!

I take my vitamins and don’t own or use any heated styling tools.


I’ve also reverted back to old habits.


While I lived in DC and sat in traffic on the beltway, I’d notice dead ends. On a living stipend and few inexpensive options around, I’d try and satisfy my need for a haircut by picking up the scissors I kept in the console and clip off whatever needed tending. Now…this was probably not the best practice, but it is how I ended up at my kitchen table doing the same thing as students questioned my sanity as they peeked through my windows.


Although the title says, “rusty kitchen scissors”, they weren’t rusty…just a little old. But then again, there isn’t a broken heart involved, therefore Miranda Lambert would probably be fine with a trim from old kitchen scissors.



Students are anti me getting any sort of haircut…except for one student that thinks it would be fun for me to shave it all off. “I jokes.” They’ve threatened to tattle to my mother…as if I hadn’t already told her I’m getting a haircut…ASAP…Fantastic Sams, prepare for my walk-in…AND SOMEONE FIND ME A COUPON!