Word of the Week

Saudade: (saow•da•gee) noun. Untranslatable Portuguese word conveying nostalgia and longing for anyone, anywhere, or anything that is far away, unobtainable, or a part of a past.



Side note: This is more of a feeling, and the feeling went unrecognized until I had the word saudade to put with it. THANK YOU PORTUGUESE. (Also, obviously, the pronunciation is Brazilian…because…Brazil has my heart.)

Extra side note: This is probably my favorite word that I’ve ever learned…except for maybe 60 in French. soixante. mmmmmm yes.




Word of the Week

Pop: (pop) noun. 1. A sugary sweet carbonated beverage, soft drink. Also known as soda, coke.



Side note: I thought someone was teasing me because I was from Minnesota and we say ‘pop’, by offering me a pop…so I said “Sure, I’ll take a soda”…to later realize that in Alaska, they do indeed use ‘pop’. Home Sweet Home.




Word of the Week

Chuckerator: (chuk•ə•rādər) noun. 1. When it is so cold outside that your cunnychuck can serve as a refrigerator or freezer.



Side Note: Chuckerator is just a word used by some of my coworkers, but it often results in slushy or frozen pop and can be a good place to keep extra freezer items…if you keep an eye on the temps.




Word of the Week

Washateria: (wäsh•ә•tir•ēә) noun. 1. The water tower in town where people can go to get their water for $0.25/5 gal.



Side Note: Because I am blessed to have running water, I’m not sure on the exact price or the operating hours, but I do know that everyone in the village has to fetch water from the washateria.