Word of the Week

Spendy: (spendē) adjective. 1. Word used in MN (and I’m sure other places…although my East Coast and West Coast friends weren’t sure about it) to mean expensive or costly.


“Oh geeze, that walley is pretty spendy…I’ll just get the tator tot hotdish.”




Side Note: I didn’t realize that this wasn’t a widely used term until last year…

Do you use spendy? Where are you from/where have you lived that you noticed its use?


Word of the Week

Saudade: (saow•da•gee) noun. Untranslatable Portuguese word conveying nostalgia and longing for anyone, anywhere, or anything that is far away, unobtainable, or a part of a past.



Side note: This is more of a feeling, and the feeling went unrecognized until I had the word saudade to put with it. THANK YOU PORTUGUESE. (Also, obviously, the pronunciation is Brazilian…because…Brazil has my heart.)

Extra side note: This is probably my favorite word that I’ve ever learned…except for maybe 60 in French. soixante. mmmmmm yes.