You’re new in town? How to find your tribe

For all of you heading off to a new place, whether through school, work, or just by choice…here are some great tips to building a strong community!

Meeting people is hard, especially as an adult, but community is important to maintain mental and emotional health (for most people anyway)! Get out there and find your tribe!

Some sun andvitamin seaArriving to a new country can feel a bit lonely in the beginning. So how do you cope during these first few weeks, and how do you build up your network?

Of course, this depends on what brought you to the country you moved to in the first place.

In my case, I moved to Germany to eventually join a Masters degree program. Thankfully, back in 2010 there were not that many social media platforms yet. It was either CouchSurfing or Facebook when it came to finding new people to hang out with. So that is exactly what I did. Went online, pimped up my profiles, and so began the search for the perfect new acquaintance to take me out for coffee and show me the capital of the Euro (Frankfurt am Main, in case you haven’t read my intro).

With the intention to learn German, I was determined to…

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