Happy May Day! – Celebrating the Best Holiday

May 1st, also known as May Day, is a holiday that originated the Northern Hemisphere. As most ancient holidays go, it shifted from a pagan holiday to a Christian one and now has a secular feel. It celebrates spring, falling between the spring and summer equinox.

Traditionally it is celebrated with flowers and May Poles, bright colors, dancing, music, and sometimes the crowning of a May Queen. In my Roman Catholic community, we celebrated it with floral crownings of Mary, whose dedicated month is May. All is merry and bright, right?

Yes. Actually… but it gets BETTER.


My favorite part of May Day is and always will be the May Baskets.

May Baskets are baskets of flowers or treats that one leaves on another’s doorstep anonymously. It is like the opposite of Halloween…you ding-dong-ditch presents!

Could there be a better way to show someone you appreciate them than gifting them and seeking no glory?

Granted…you usually knew what neighbor gave you which treats, but the thrill of trying to catch them was beyond appealing.

As we got older, the gifts shifted to more adult items…think beer exchange…

So, break out the flowers, use up any leftover Easter candy, AND share the love! Welcome Spring and good weather with a little “thinking of you” friendly token of your anonymous appreciation!


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