Feel Good Friday

The past month has been extremely draining emotionally, physically, and I’ve found all of my energy seems down. This has little to do with the darkness or -30ºF weather we’ve been having up here, but I’m sure that doesn’t help. (Also it is flu season, so I’m crossing my fingers that I’m protected from the strains everyone else is passing around – THANK YOU PHNs.)

If you’ve been singing the holiday (and beyond) blues…or if you find yourself back at work and everyone and everything needs just a little bit more of your time and energy, your attention, or your space, this one’s for you!

Here’s a happy Friday share of something that made me smile this week!

Taken from an advertisement by a local State Farm Agent.

My new goal this semester is to have an epic photo shoot with my four-legged roommate, George. (He’s a basset hound as well.)