On the first of February, we started a stretch of winter storm after winter storm, blizzard after blizzard. […]

Word of the Week

Drag: (drag) verb. 1. Pulling people around in a sled behind an ATV or sno-go. Recreation activity. See also, extreme sledding

Probably how I ended up preferring snowboarding to skiing.

Side note: When I first saw students “go drag”, I was reminded of my own childhood. We’d wait all winter for some good snow, then pull each other around by whatever vehicle could maneuver the snow, ice, or slush. It became a game. To win as a driver, you must knock the rider off in record time (making them bail by trying to ram them into objects was fair game). To win as the rider, you must hold on…even if it is only by your fingertips and you are being dragged across the ice.




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Student: *looks up weather in class* "Oooo, it's 40ºF outside!" Me: *shakes head* "check again" S: "Ooooo, it's 16ºF outside!" Student proceeds to "hula dance" while singing: "It is so warm outside."
This happened last week while we were in the middle of a blizzard with up to 70 mph winds...