George of the Tundra and Blizzard Season, February 2019

On the first of February, we started a stretch of winter storm after winter storm, blizzard after blizzard. Before then we had had storms on and off, freezing rain here and crazy wind there, but as February comes to a fast halt, there aren’t many days of the past month where planes were coming in and out consistently.

Here’s a video of me walking home on February 1st as the first 50+mph wind storm whipped into town.

First Blizzard of the Season:

George, our basset hound landlord/roommate, does not appreciate storms and this was his first weekend back after winter break. He was not pleased by the way the house shook and the drafts (and snow) that comes through our lovely windows, walls, and electrical outlets.

Yet another blizzard:

Not even the second or third blizzard of the season, but another big one, this one brought more snow and built the snow wall behind our house. This blizzard caused a lot of squeaking and building shaking. It also threw ice chunks at our windows throughout the day and night, keeping us from sleeping soundly and scaring the daylight out of me often

All blizzards add an extra layer of fun with a surprise behind the door every time you open it. Will I be able to get out? Do I need to shovel yet? Will everything fall into the cunnychuck, will the door be frozen shut, will my key work? Some teachers have been frozen out of their house, others share a blow torch to get into their homes.

For George, blizzards mean being tossed up and over at bathroom time…and sometimes choosing to forgo it altogether. We learned that he can hold his number twos for an entire weekend if weather doesn’t permit a comfortable squat.

Sometimes George refuses to go outside and just turns right around, after looking at the pile of snow up past his eyeballs.

Overall, George is happy that spring is here, even if it means that our once nicely carved palatial steps up (to go down the wooden stairs beneath), are now an icy luge.

Spring Fever has arrived!