Dear 2017,

The word 2017 spelled out on clothespin clipped cards in front of glowing lights.

Dear 2017,

You have been filled with the amazing, the enthralling, the heartbreaking, the soul-finding, and plenty of despair.

In you, I have found travel, friends of a lifetime. In you, I have reconnected with old friends, spent time with loved ones while valuing their presence. I’ve learned how to be a better communicator. I’ve learned how to face my fears.

I’ve had real conversations about equality, justice, insensitivities, and future. I’ve jumped from great heights and I’ve danced my way soberly through the night. From one hemisphere to the other and back again…and again, I’ve experienced new lands and loved new people. I’ve read my fill and then some. Thank you.


With the good always comes the bad: the gunfire, the death, the bombs, the fear as people no longer know their future…know their home. Headlines graced the newspapers featuring words like: Nazis, Terrorism, Climate Change Refugees, ‘Killed’, ‘Killed’, ‘Killed’. Yet, the people that rose to protect the victims of hatred have grown.

I said my goodbyes to an inspiring man that always made me laugh. I watched as my loved ones hurt for him as well. But, we also honored his memories.

I learned news of heartbreak and shattered illusions of love. But, I also celebrated two of the kindest people joining themselves in front of God and family and friends.

For every ‘until next time’, there has been a reunion with those that I hold dear. Nothing can compare with time spent close to those you’ve been away from.

2017, you’ve been a wild ride. You’ve given plenty and you’ve taken much. It’s been real.




Year at a Glance:

Chile – MN – librarian glasses – 3rd graders – Last talks – Dancing on Stage in front of thousands #whatthehellworldtour – Goodbyes – DC – pão de queijo – World Wonders – Brazil – TGA – familia – Soletha – #hottestteam – medical emergencies – North American visitors – açaí – Carnaval – Portuguese class – blogging – books on books – job applications – Argentina – Amazon – emergency room – Ceará ❤ – I love you 5 – Midyear Retreat – Fulbright – UFMG – Açaí – Themed movie nights – “I ain’t yo momma” – the date – Colombia – long layovers – Home again – fake concert tickets – J&J wedding – substitute teaching – BBW – family time – long walks – foot rubs.