Next Stop: Alaska

It all happened so fast. One night I was calling a school district to gather more information and the next thing I knew, I was hanging up the phone, turning to my parents and saying “I think I’m moving to Alaska in January.”


It has always been a secret desire of mine to just pack up and move away to a place where I don’t know anyone. In my head it was always to a more romantic location full of lush greens and a little (or big) city nearby. In high school the setting was London or a cute little town in Italy…and then a small liberal arts college on the East Coast. In my Nicholas Sparks Days I dreamed of shipping myself off solo to anywhere North or South Carolina. Then came my mountain dreaming.


As these stories play out in my head, I am always the strong-willed heroine type that overcomes all personal and community challenges through laughter, tears, and a good soundtrack. I’d like to thank books and Hollywood for ruining me forever.


This deep seeded desire to challenge myself and my deep rooted need to experience all things new in order to more wholly understand the world I live in, has led me to continually search for new opportunities.


Then, not but six months ago, I found myself in a discernment process of my next move in life…(You know the scary one where you aren’t in school or a part of a program and you can choose ANY job and ANY location?) That was where I was when my mom asked me “Where do you see yourself in 5 years…and how fast do you want to get there?”


You should see my reflective list. It’s YUGE. The longest.


Alaska made the travel section of that list…and I thought, why not?


I was with my host family in Mato Grosso, Brazil and I began the Alaska Teaching research process. I talked to a friend who had made the move a few years prior. Then, I began the application. Shortly after I was contacted. Then again. And then again.


When I had finally begun to look into other avenues (teaching in Florida or staying in Minnesota), and I had settled on staying in MN at least for the next six months, Alaska fell together.


That’s how I ended up here. Signing a contract to teach the rest of the school year in a small village in the Northwest Arctic Borough School District in Alaska.



I hope to update with more information as soon as the ink is dry and my flight is bought!


Here’s to the next adventure!