Smoothies, Saving My Soul One Morning at a Time.

I LOVE fruits and vegetables. From Brussels sprouts and kohlrabi to carrots and celery, from açaí and blueberries to pineapple and rhubarb, I love almost all of them!

With the purchase of refurbished Ninja blender, I’ve found a magical solution to a few of my fruit and vegetable problems.

Problem #1: I started ordering fruits and vegetables from Full Circle, but two and a half months in, I’ve found there are a few issues. I like the diversity of the bigger boxes, but I don’t do a good job prepping them and actually eating them. Before I know it, my next box comes in and I have too much cabbage and my asparagus is moldy. (Shout out to Sofia who cut up our fruit and vegetables every day in Brazil…and set them out in an enticing pattern or salad…YOU ARE A BOSS!)

Problem #2: Berries are some of my favorite foods in existence, but they are hard to come by right now. Full Circle may ship small quantities, but they are ridiculously expensive and although some berries are native to the area, it unfortunately is not “living thing” season yet. Oranges on the other hand get shipped in abundance, and I can’t bring myself to eat them constantly, so I always have extras.

Problem #3: I love the taste of soda, but I always feel disgusting and out of whack after a can/bottle (not to mention the guilt I feel and the nightmares about my teeth falling out). I would combat drinking too much soda by drinking milk and lemonade/tea in the lower 48. In South America, I’d fill that space with natural juices. In the arctic, there are less opportunities for any of those.

I noticed the frozen fruit section at our store was pretty well stocked and had a nice variety and that got my wheels turning, what if I made smoothies?

I finally had the chance to test it out when my blender arrived and I needed to use up the fresh fruit and spinach in my fridge before going on vacation. It was miraculous. Not only did I get a chance to use my oranges and spinach, but the addition of frozen cranberry and frozen strawberry made it into a delicious morning treat.

There are so many possibilities now! The other day, I had cut up some carrots for a pot luck and I didn’t want them to dry out, so I threw them all in my smoothie. I could only mildly taste them…and they tasted delicious.

Here’s to hoping that smoothies help me lower the amount of fresh foods that I waste and give me a nice alternative to overly sugary drinks.

If you enjoy smoothies, please share your favorite combinations with me! I’m always looking to try new things with the resources I have or can access!