Update: So Many New Things, So Little Time and Energy

I’ve tried to make a habit of posting a couple different times a week (outside of the Word of the Week and Overheard). The structure has given me a goal to fulfill and scheduling posts makes it easy to type them all up on Sunday or a different week night and let them post themselves.

These last couple weeks, I’ve barely had a moment to myself…nonetheless energy to think about words. With the exception of the book I finished a few nights ago, I haven’t even finished a book…


There are so many exciting things happening this week. Spring is upon us and we’ve had a few GORGEOUS days above freezing! The days are long and only getting longer. The sunrises before 7h00. and sets after 23h00.


I was out camping at a Youth Leadership retreat from Wednesday to Saturday night, I’ll have more on that soon when the Wi-Fi cooperates and uploads some pictures! That was a wonderful experience and we had a lot of fun!


Then I came home to a large amount of people in my classroom. Blackhawks dropped off the Arctic Hare team and we have actual doctors and veterinarians in town this week working out of the clinic and living at the school!


Our long-awaited skiing visitors have arrived, thank you NANA Nordic. I’ll try and explain that more later, but it has been nice to have P.E. again during all the testing and my class gets outside for at least an hour during the school day, which is a nice break! (It is also nice to have help running the informal “Ski Club”-esque hobby after school, which I have been in charge of this year.)


We have the District Art Teacher in town for the week, which has also been great because she is giving the students a more creative outlet than I usually provide and they are loving it!


We’ve had a construction manager and a district employee in and out of the building this week, all while my students have had MAP testing each morning. The building has been full and our schedule has been out of whack (which throws off the structure we have been following, but so far, the kids have been handling it with as much grace as busy 8-year-olds can.)


I just found out that we are expecting another set of visitors to join us tomorrow and yet another group on Friday.


Aside from having to leave my classroom early (which is a blessing at times), we’ve been very busy and it’s been a good kind of busy. It’s the kind of busy that leaves you tired at the end of the day and the only solution is to crawl into bed, read a chapter of a book, and pass out. I’ve been sleeping pretty solid…and early.


On a more social note, we had a nice Puppy Birthday Party for the dog of one of a coworker. Fried foods, cake, chips, and good company. It was really nice to have some unstructured adult time. Although, after this week is over…I think I’ll hibernate for a little while.