Land of the Midnight Sun, 18 Hours of Daylight and Counting

“She’s the type of person that’d pack a flashlight in July.”

I almost prefer the days of dark.


Although, I’ve never been the best person to talk to if you are looking for someone to praise the sun. I get sunburnt just by sitting near a window and most of my outdoorsy adventures result in me taking an Advil for my sun-induced headaches. It’s always been like that for me. Stupid ultra-pale skin.

Setting that aside, I still almost prefer the days where we had little sunlight.

When I got here, it seemed like we were in a state of perpetual twilight and sunsets. I would leave for work when it was dark and when I’d get home, I’d catch the last hour of sunlight and be graced with a colorful sky that lasted an hour after the sun completely disappeared beyond the horizon. I loved it.

With the sun setting before six and after midnight, we have 18+ hours of sunlight now, and it grows each day. I feel like we gain sunlight exponentially. Living right on the sea’s edge, so far west, twilight seems to give us an extra hour of light on both ends. With 18+ hours of sunlight, we have closer to 20 hours of light.

10:47 pm – One Hour Before Sunset – South View

It’s weird to think that I should probably go to bed far before the sunset even begins. My blinds are good but not blackout worthy, so it has caused some troubles falling asleep. I don’t dislike the morning sun adding to a gentle wake-up in the morning…perhaps it’ll help me be more of a morning person…(doubtful).

I feel more active, positive, and as if I have more energy in general. Those are all things spring brings me every year. With warmer weather (above freezing, but not quite 40°Fs) and longer days, that rings true up here…yet I feel more exhausted during the day and I wonder if that is just normal end-of-the-year wrap-ups or the fact that I might not be sleeping as well as I did during the season of endless nights.

Not only am I up longer, but students seem to be outside playing endless games of “Eskimo Baseball” (a cross between Cricket, Baseball, and Ready-Roll), riding around on their sno-gos and Hondas, and enjoying the never-ending daylight. Mix those levels of sleep with my low-quality sleep and add a pinch of normal end-of-the-school-year fever, and we find ourselves extra busy with lots of dance breaks.

10:47 pm – One Hour Before Sunset – North View

It’ll be kind of weird to return to the lower 48 this summer and have such an “early” sunset, but I am looking forward to bonfires, which are better under the stars.

“She’s the type of person that’d pack a flashlight in July.”

I read something like that in a book. The book was set in Alaska. At first it didn’t make sense to me, how could packing a flashlight in July be a “dumb” thing…now I get it…but I would probably still pack a flashlight*.

*My Knights of Pythias flashlight to be exact.

Photos taken on the same night late last week, at 10:47 pm, an hour before sunset. One view is to the north, one is to the south.