A Unique Way to Buy Only a Few Cans of Pop

I stared at the long black rectangles with their enticing red and white designs. It is the cherry that always catches my eye and makes my mouth water.


Dr. Pepper Cherry


My sisters introduced me to this, being we had been fans for Cherry Coke and Wild Cherry Pepsi. It used to be hard to find down home, only one store nearby would carry it and we’d stock up at once. I honestly never thought that I’d see it in my village, so I was a bit surprised when it sat there week after week, unopened. I forgot it had even existed.


When I first saw it at the store, I wanted to scoop up a 12-pack out of nostalgia. I didn’t want to pay $15.00 for it though.


That’s when I remembered our village’s unique way of buying cans of soda.


Don’t want the whole rack?


Okay! Open it and grab as many cans as you would like.




That was my first reaction when I learned that you didn’t have to buy a whole case to get just one can.


What do you do with the open case?


Leave it for the next person.



Yes, that’s what I thought too. But, rest assured you can. At first, I’d only grab a can from cases that were already open. I questioned the popularity of Dr. Pepper Cherry and didn’t know if that would be the one exception that you would have to buy by the case.


I debated it for a week or two.


Finally, I caved. I wanted just one…or two. So, I glanced around, feeling almost like a thief, and opened a case, taking out a couple.


Then, I left it. I went to the register, paid, and walked home.


Now, this isn’t the case in every village. In fact, I don’t know if this is the case in any village but my own. It shocked me and doing it myself continues to make me feel like I’m breaking the law…even though it is okay.


I also imagine my students’ first experience trying to buy cans of pop in any store outside of their own village. My guess is that my transition to opening cases of pop is a less notable switch.