Signs of Spring: Above the Arctic Circle Edition

To anyone else, it would probably feel like continual winter, but here spring has definitely arrived!


Here are some definite signs of spring:


  • Daylight forever!
    • I know this is a reoccurring topic of mine, but it continues to amaze me that the sun just doesn’t seem to go down.
    • Sunrise: before 5:30. Sunset: after 12:30.
      • Put an hour or more of twilight on each side and the sky is only dark for an hour or two now!


  • A larger variety of birds!
    • All winter long we had ravens around. Now I’ve seen small chickadee type birds and seagulls!
      • It isn’t much, but it is exciting to see new animals!
  • The reappearance of dry grass.
    • As the snow melts and the drifts get smaller, patches of long brown grass have appeared. VEGETATION!
  • The reappearance of decks and stairs.
    • Anywhere that was shoveled down to a few inches of ice has now successfully been cleared thanks to the extra-long attention from the sun and warmer weather.
  • Refreeze!
    • The long sun and around freezing temperatures have led to melting snow, however the cold nights or a colder day will freeze everything and turn it into a dangerous work commute.
      • This is why the district gave all employees a pair of Yak Tracks.
      • We’ve had one notable staff casualty…a fall that led to a concussion.
  • Slush and puddles.
    • On the continuous days of around freezing temperatures, the snow gets so soft that it takes extra effort to get through the same commute.
      • Thank goodness for my Muck Boots!
        • Highly recommended!!
    • Puddle-wise, they have been few and far between, but as this week is forecasted around the 40s, I’m imagining they will be intense. Those 20 foot drifts have to go somewhere!
  • Whaling season
    • Along with birds, other animals are making their migration back to the now “warmer” weather. Whaling season started around Easter because the bowheads and belugas are now migrating north.IMG_0777
  • Warmer Temperatures
    • I’ve noticed we have less frequent storms now. I’m not sure if this is abnormal or a part of the season, but it is nice.
    • By warmer temperatures, I mean that we’ve been almost consistently around freezing and this week are now hitting consistent near 40°F days!
      • On a side note, returning home to 60-80°F temps (and humidity) is going to be a rough adjustment. I’m predicting at least one or two days of feeling “under the weather”.


After I typed this to post, we got some snow. HAPPY MAY!