Visit Manhattan: High Line

The city that never sleeps has something for everyone.

For those that like to be surrounded by plants, walk uninterrupted by crosswalks and traffic, see things from a new perspective. Chelsea offers the High Line.

The High Line is a walking path of nearly 1.5 miles, raised above the streets of Manhattan on what used to be an old rail track. It is a public park managed by the nonprofit group Friends of the High Line. The first portion originally opened in 2009 and other sections have opened since then. The High Line offers activities in addition to a walking trail, lush gardens, and seating above the streets of Manhattan.

Taken from: High Line Fact Sheet




I love gardens in general, but there is something special about urban spaces dedicated to plants. I admire the contrast of the soft, lush, plants with the towering skyline of high rise buildings. I appreciate the aesthetically pleasing placements of plants and the aroma of fresh flowers that takes over the usual exhaust, smoke, and urine smells.

While in NYC with S., she planned a very “me” trip. First we went Kayaking and then we made our way to a small slice of green to spend a beautiful afternoon. I couldn’t recommend it more.