Southward Bound, a Change of Scenery

As the school year comes to a close, so does my time in Kivalina.

Yesterday was the one week mark. After in-service, I’ll start making my journey back home for the summer and in the fall I’ll be moving somewhere a little further south.

However, not too far. I’ll be staying in the same district and I’ll still be coastal and above the arctic circle, although I’ll no longer be on our small island. I’m excited to be moving to the “big city” (aka small town that my NYC, San Fransisco, Chicago, Boston, Brazilian, and LA friends would laugh at). One of my best friends from home lives there and we’ll get a chance to be roommates. One thing I’ve learned throughout my adventures over the last 9 years, is that although I love the people I get to meet and many of them have become the closest of friends, I miss being around people that understand exactly where I come from.

She’s also my adventure buddy. We’ve many plans on the horizon: dancing endeavors, kayaking, camping, and any craft/skill class we can make time for. I’ll remain in elementary, 2nd or 3rd, although I’m not sure which one yet, and I’m looking forward to the new professional growth opportunities that will present themselves as I take on another school year. (Six years in education…when did that happen!?)

It isn’t as bittersweet as I thought, saying goodbye to this small community. Perhaps that is just because I’m moving “down the road” and I’ll still bump into many families and coworkers. This year has been an incredibly challenging one—in every way—and as are most teachers at the end of the school year, I’m eagerly awaiting summer break!

Cheers to a bound to be incredibly stressful week!