A Running Tally of Things I Lost Flying From MSP to KVL

I am usually a decent traveler. I’m fairly perceptive and can keep track of my belongings. In fact, to my memory, I’ve only lost one object while going through and airport and that is a hat that was flipped inside out when security was showing it, so I didn’t think it was my own.


That is until I moved to Alaska.


I was half dazed and asleep having woke up around 4am and forcing my beyond kind father to drop me off at the airport before work. Although I got to the airport an hour and a half before my flight left and checking my luggage was a breeze, security took forever and my plane was boarding by the time I reached the gate.


Somewhere after security in Minneapolis and awaking in Seattle to stumble off the plane for a quick layover, I lost my toiletries bag.


The bag itself is something I didn’t want to lose because it was a gift from my irmã, Laura, and setting aside sentimental reasons, it was extremely helpful to carry travel sized items when going on quick trips.


The biggest issue was that ALL of the contacts I was bringing to Alaska for the next four months and all of my womanly necessities were in that bag…


Then as life worked itself out and I reordered things from Amazon (which still hasn’t arrived) and Lens.com (which has), I found myself headed to Anchorage.


On the plane to Anchorage I had chosen to keep the wrong bag beneath my seat. I was trapped in the window seat (best view) by two sleeping individuals, and ALL of my snacks and drinks were in the overhead compartment. I was parched and hangry.


Things worked themselves out and eventually I found myself in Kotzebue. Somewhere between getting to the school district office and going to the high school for lunch, I misplaced my thermal water bottle.


Normally, it wouldn’t be a big deal, except that water bottle had done a great job of not getting lost as it traveled to Chile, Brazil, Argentina, around Brazil (the AMAZON), Colombia, DC, Minnesota, Florida and back. It finally made it out to Alaska, only to get lost before I even had the chance to give it a new home.


Running Tally:

  1. Toiletries Bag (all travel-sized items)
  2. 4 months’ worth of contact lenses
  3. Globetrotting thermal water bottle.