Continuously Adulting – Not Burning Down the House

One Fine Monday Morning

I walked into my classroom and sat down sipping on a scalding glass of mint green tea. I had been letting myself sleep later and later and showing up at school just as the contract told me I should. I was rushing a bit as I’d leave the house, but all in all, that gave me plenty of time to get ready before the students showed up and settled in for the day.

Then a nagging thought disrupted the peace just as I burnt my tongue on the tea.

Did I shut off the burner?

Of course you did…you always do…

I can’t visualize the exact moment I turned the knob off.

But you remember moving the kettle off the burner and pouring your water before placing it back on an unused burner.

But that doesn’t answer my initial question.

Just wait. It’ll be fine, you’ll just go home and check it on your lunch break.

But it’d be embarrassing if my house started smoking and they needed to get inside…I’m new.

It’ll be fine.

But remember that time in college when the landlady across the hallway left a dish in her oven for too long and it started smoking and the firemen came and kicked in my door instead and then nobody fixed it until my dad came up and reinforced it?

It’s fine you probably shut it off.

But what if I didn’t. Our village already has limited water, few places with running water, and no fire department. I can’t afford to burn down the house.

You didn’t leave the burner on. You’re going crazy, check it at lunch.

I have twenty minutes before the students start class.

You turned it off. But fine, run home and check.

But, I’m on the clock…I don’t want someone to think that I’m skipping out of work.

It’ll take you less than a minute to get home.

But I probably turned it off and should wait until lunch…

Just go.


One Minute Later…At Home

I knew I turned it off.


The Next Morning

You really have to start getting up earlier. Time to get some water boiling.

Why is the tea kettle so hot?

Did you turn the burner on already?

No, I just got into the kitchen.

Check the knobs on the oven.

Oh. My bad. Left the oven on after pulling out the French fries…last night.

At least you didn’t burn the house down.

Amen to that.


To Be Continued…