The Travels Continue…

It has been a while since my last post.

This summer I had grand dreams of posting recipes from home, pictures of all the cities I would visit and the various weddings I would go to, sharing Minnesotan words and nuances, and keeping up with the blogging world.


Instead…I disconnected and found myself busy and surrounded by people all of the time. Even at home while watching movies, I found myself more interested in talking to my dad about what we were watching and sharing foot rubs with mom than planning and typing up posts. Heck…I didn’t even read a book (okay maybe one or two…but those were on solo plane rides). To put this in perspective, I read 65 books this year before the middle of May.


It has been great! The summer has been spent watching soap operas with my Grandma and her sisters, seeing friends and family from all over the US, attending loved ones’ weddings, and plenty of time exploring the lakes kayaking and picking up a photography hobby.


I’m beyond grateful that my family continues to make my childhood home so welcoming.


Bring on the next adventure (including city exploring, camping under the stars, castles, sea kayaking, and an Irish wedding) before heading back to Alaska for the school year!


If you’re interested in following a “hopefully” more updated account due to the lack of storytelling, check out my public IG: tumbleweedsouls


Until routine returns in August.