Plumbing Problem Day!

Every Sunday, I wish for just a little bit more time.

If only my days could be longer…(and my nights too, I could always go for more sleep.)


As I was rushing to get copies made and lesson plans printed, I flew into the gym right as the announcements were being made.

“We will say the pledge of allegiance and then you are free to go.”

Wait…what? Was I hearing this right?


The announcement had come through twice over the loudspeaker that we were having drainage issues and were not to flush toilets or let water run down the drain (this includes teacher housing which is connected to the school plumbing). Our village already has special concerns when it comes to water.

This didn’t come as a shock to me. The school had sat mostly empty for three months. Vacant of the 150+ student bodies that fill it every weekday from August to May. Now, three days in, the system needed to be adjusted.


However, for a school that doesn’t even call snow days in 50+ mph wind blizzards, I was shocked to find out that we had been told to send the kids home…and the teachers were let go for the day!

Now here I sit, on a Monday, in my classroom without students. I have the extra time that I had hoped for. Copies are being made, lesson plans are finished, and I am more or less ready for the week with a free day full of beautiful weather!

(Realistically, I probably won’t do much laminating or putting up signs…but the free time to do it is nice.)





Cheers to my first Plumbing Problem Day! And here’s to the extra time I wanted…of which with I know not what to do!