[We] Got Worms – Update

If you had no idea 3rd grade had worms, check this post out!

For anybody that was wondering how our worm friends in 3rd grade were doing…



Worms traveling between the first and second level.


Their habitat came in during the week following their arrival. I was thrilled to have them in a bigger container. Their “worm factory” is expandable and it helps contain the smell. HOWEVER, the students love to open it all the time which not only disrupts the worms and their process, but also releases the smell into the room. For the most part, my students (all of whom are brutally honest) never comment on any smell.

The worms have a big following. There have been classes studying decomposers that have walked through and there are students throughout the building that swing by in the morning to see them. We now have visitation days for nonclassroom “field trips” on Fridays.


I had thrown in some cucumber, spaghetti squash, and cantaloupe seeds and came in later to have plants sprouting everywhere! The class was excited and I wanted to see if we could get anything to grow using the artificial growth lights from our hydroponics system which has yet to be set up.


We got our cups together and each student planted one plant. By the next day only mine and three others were standing and by the following week, they were all shriveled, so we will revisit that at a later date.


We are up to two bins of waste, but they are definitely overfed. Either way, it is extremely neat to watch paper, cardboard, and organic waste slowly disappear in each of the bins. Even our watermelon rinds have begun to soften into mushy nothingness. They have a tendency to eat certain sides of the bin first too, something I wouldn’t have noticed without the kids checking in on them.


Happy Worm Farming to us!