The second time a student knocked on my door on a Saturday.
Student: "You wore them all day!?"
After viewing the fleece pajamas I wore the first time I answered the door, when she joined me in shopping at the store, and at 8pm that same day.  

Word of the Week

hair pretty: /her prĭ•dē/ noun. 1. a small elastic band that is used to tie hair back or hold a certain style. See also: hair tie, hair binder, binder, ponytail holder, pony


Side note: I always forget about this one until a student brings it up.


Word of the Week

Bun: (bun) noun. 1. Abbreviation for the Inupiaq word, bunnik, that translates to the noun daughter.





Side Note: Sometimes you don’t have to be someone’s daughter to be given this term of endearment. You may hear “bun”, “bunnik”, or “bunny” < which in my head is spelt “bunni”



Word of the Week

Catwalk: (kat•wôkverb. 1. To pop a wheelie.




Side Note: I’m not sure if you have to be able to pop a wheelie and hold and ride it for a while, but I do know the students like to talk about it in their journal prompts.