Arctic Take-Out Delivery Options

My Remote Arctic Village Has More Food Delivery Options Than my Parent’s Home Ten Miles Outside of my Hometown

While I don’t live anywhere near a fast food restaurant…or anywhere near a restaurant with the closest one being a plane ride away, I still have more delivery options than I did back home.


How many delivery options do you have?

At home, zero.

In the arctic, at least two that I’ve heard of.


How does one get delivery when your village doesn’t have a restaurant?

By plane, of course!

I’ve had food delivered by car, motorcycle, dirt bike, scooter, and bicycle, but never by airplane to be picked up by one of us either on foot or by snowmobile.

The restaurants in my hometown will only deliver to our address if they don’t look it up first because otherwise they seem to be rather finicky that we live about 10 miles out of town.


How does it work?

In fairness, the plane is already headed to our village on its normal run.

We call the restaurant, from the largest village in the area, earlier in the day and give them our order. They make it in time to get it out on the evening plane out and we wait for its arrival thirty minutes later (this technique works with the grocery store in that same town as well).


Planes are cool and all, but what’s the cost?

A restaurant that our staff gets about once a month has plates that cost between $15-$20. I’m not sure on the portion sizes, but they have Thai, Chinese, and burgers. They won’t deliver soup, however. For this company, there is no delivery cost. They have a deal worked out with the airline company and therefore they are a staff favorite.


Another restaurant charges customers the airline’s freight fee, which I believe for their food ends up being $25 an order, which isn’t too bad if a handful of people go in on it. I’m not sure about their prices or their menu, but they deliver sushi, which makes them a tempting option!



I’ll keep you posted on the process as our staff plans a Mu-gu-gi-pan Pay Day Buffet, take out evening!